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Philip, the instructor of this course really goes into details on many of the processes that he undertakes, to demonstrate to the students his techniques. For the small window of time for each lecture he has given, he did pretty well in getting his message across.
Florentino Detres, Photo Colorization Course
Phil covers a lot of technical material while managing to keep it accessible through a conversational presentation style. His presentations are easy to understand and generally engaging. He is responsive to questions and unfailingly polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another of his classes. Thanks, Phil!
If you’ve put off learning AE, there’s really no longer an excuse. Phil’s introduction to the basics of AE is great. He’s lessons are short and concise while being clear and methodical. I’m moving onto another couple of Phil’s courses now.
I have have been shooting for 35 years. I am an amateur having only sold a few shots of our local community and that just in past 2 years. I was hoping to get some cool tips as we are traveling to the Carribbean this winter. All in all, the course is excellent for beginners!
I have to say, that is a very detailed and well thought out course. The fact that Phliip states that, if you don`t understand something or it isn`t clear, just email him and he will make a lecture about it…is HUGE. I just started online teaching and By putting into action the steps he out lines, I have made, $200.00 in just my first two days. Thanks
This course is very thorough and I think the instructor thinks of areas of importance that most people would not consider. He is very straight forward and clear. So thankful for someone who took the time to help out newbies!
his is the best course I done. it is easy to understand and to do. He says you don’t need a really good camera to take good photos. Do this Course if you want to learn Photography!!
Daniel Letchford, Photography for Kids
I started using Premiere Pro before I took the class, and I was struggling. Philip Ebiner is a good communicator and goes through the software at a pace that’s easy to follow. I’m now comfortable working with Premiere Pro. He’s responded to the questions that other students have asked and offers general advice on movie making. I definitely recommend his class.