10 More Hours for SUMMERTIME Sale! Up to 90% Off Courses!

The ‘SUMMERTIME‘ sale is ending on August 31st. And I wanted to give you all one more chance to make the most of it. Get up to 90% off by using the coupon code SUMMERTIME on any of my courses here. Or click on one of the links below. I really hope you had a great summer. What did you do? Here’s what I did! I got engaged to my girlfriend in Switzerland! Ya, it was a freaking awesome summer! 3 FUN ADOBE TRICKS: 1. While editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, use the J, K, and L keys to rewind, pause, and play. Tap J or L more than once to fast forward or rewind faster. 2. In Photoshop, make your image POP by duplicating the layer and setting the top layer’s blend mode to Hard Light. 3. While editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, click the (~) key to enlarge whatever window you are […]

Quick & Easy After Effects – Reverse Your Motion Graphic

In the After Effects tutorial above, I show you my favorite way to reverse an animation. This could be used for a lower third graphic or really any other motion graphic as a way to ‘exit frame.’ For years, I was copying and pasting keyframes to reverse motion graphic animations. Sometimes this took setting keyframes for 10+ layers. The method above is very simple, and can be done in 4 basic steps - no matter how many layers you have. Now your animation should have a fluid entrance & exit. This may seem confusing. But watch the video. It really takes like 5 seconds if you know what you’re doing. Well, I hope you enjoyed this tip! Let me know if you have any more questions! If you have something that you want me to create a tutorial on, send me a message or comment below! CHEERS! Phil

After Effects Project Tutorial: Story Time

For many of you, it may be cheaper and smart to just purchase After Effects templates on sites like VideHive. But at some point, it’s nice to actually know what is going on yourself and be able to create your own amazing motion graphics. That’s where I come to help! I’m taking requests for projects like the ones you see on Video Hive. I recreate the project myself and show you how to do the same. Download this project. After Effects Complete Course Photo Colorization Course After Effects – Advanced Shapes I’ve recreated this story time project. I dumbed down the project so that you can more easily understand what is going on. But go ahead and increase the comp sizes and quality to match the original story time project. If you have other effects, motion graphics, or videos that you’d like to replicate, just post a comment below and […]

Video Editing Tip: Don’t Cut Away to Just One B-roll Shot

This series of blog posts gives you quick and easy tips to improve your editing. Some of the techniques may seem obvious. Others will be new to you. Either way, they will improve you editing efficiency! Enjoy! When editing documentary or promotional videos, there is a fairly standard structure that you’ll most likely be working with. You’ll have an interview or speaker track. This will be someone talking on camera, either straight to camera or off-camera, documentary style. Then you’ll have b-roll footage to work with related to whatever the video is about. The first rule in using b-roll is to use clips related to what the speaker is talking about. This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen so many videos where the b-roll doesn’t match what the speaker is talking about. I think to myself - what is going on here! I understand that you may not always have perfect b-roll […]

Video Creator Spotlight – Estelle Caswell – Adult Daydreamer

Welcome to the Video Creator Spotlight of the month! This series of interviews highlights video creators and their work. I’ve personally learned most of what I know how to do by talking to other people and learning from them. The Video Creator Spotlight is my way of sharing other people’s stories with you in hopes that they inspire you to make better videos.  If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the Video Creator Spotlight, please send me an email at videoschoolonline@gmail.com. Now on to the interview! Who is Estelle Caswell? I’m an adult who daydreams. How did you get interested in video creation? I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Alabama so there wasn’t a lot video production exposure per se. However, my mom is an interior designer and my dad is an architect so I definitely got the artistic gene from them. I just […]