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A podcast is a great way to communicate with busy people. I listen to podcasts while I’m working, working out, driving… all the time! So I thought that starting a Video School Online podcast would be a perfect way to communicate with busy people.

What would I want in a podcast about video creation?

  • I would want to hear the latest video creating trends.
  • I would love to hear how I can make my videos better.
  • I would really like to hear interviews with other video creators and hear what their successes and failures have been.

So I created the Video School Online podcast.

Check it out on iTunes (subscribe and listen here). Please subscribe and share with your friends. I’ll be updating with a new podcast about once per month.

Check out the show notes from each of the past episodes below:



VSO Session 001: Introduction, Background, & What This Podcast is All About

VSO Session 002: Interview with Vince Patin, Freelance Cinematographer

VSO Session 003: Wedding Videography – Tips from a Successful Wedding Videographer

VSO 004: Cinematographer Will Carnahan on freelancing, film school, and working for Disney

VSO 005: Moving to a new city? The smooth financial transition.

VSO 006: David Zaleski, Successful Video Creator, Documentary Filmmaker, Animator, and Funny Guy