10 Favorite Photos from Our Wedding

As a video creator and photographer, having good photos and video at our wedding was really important. When it came to cutting the budget down, it was really hard for me to budge on these two things. But photography and videography can be really expensive! I know, because I shoot wedding videos! It’s kind of ridiculous, but I wouldn’t have been able to hire myself to do my own wedding video! Luckily, I have some amazing friends – being in the creative world – that did the photography for practically free, and video for next to nothing. My wife and I are really happy with how everything turned out, and I wanted to share 10 of my favorite photos.

Our photographer was Will Carnahan of Will Call CinematicHe’s a great friend, and a great photographer and cinematographer. He does video production work throughout California, and also is available for weddings if any of you are interested.

You can scroll through the photos above. I want to tell you why these are some of my favorite photos:

  • The first photo is a great candid moment of Isabel and I right after we said our vows and exchanged rings. You can see the utter joy in our faces as people lined up behind us for communion (it was a Catholic wedding). I love this moment – the moment of ‘wow… we just did that!’
  • This second photo is from a bit before the vows. It was during the readings, and I love the composition. You can see our entire wedding party (I had 3 best men, Isabel had a maid and matron of honor). I also love how you can see the beautiful stained glass windows behind us.
  • The third image is a great detail shot of the ring box that I carved into. It has our initials with a heart on top and the date of our wedding on the front. My younger brother was the ring bearer… well as we called him ‘the lord of the rings.’ I like the depth of field in this shot a lot!
  • The fourth photo was taken after the ceremony. We went to a small park that had a botanical garden – perfect for us! This is a very interesting composition – straight on, cropped, funky, and full of the details of our attire.
  • Of course, I had to share a ring shot. This fifth photo is a good example of taking a nice ring shot. I actually like that the rings are centered. But you also have these interesting lines going diagonally across the frame.
  • The sixth shot is a good example of a photo that will help us remember the details of our wedding day. I can imagine 25 years from now trying to remember what we had for dinner on our wedding night. Luckily we have this cool shot (the two of us blurred into the background) of our name cards with the delicious shrimp scampl that we ate.
  • Sometimes making a photo black and white just adds more emotion to a photo. This seventh photo of one of my best men Christian Hartnett giving me a hug after his toast is full of raw emotion. Capturing moments like this is difficult as a photographer. You always have to be ready for the moment to happen!
  • The 8th shot is a silly photo of us toasting together. It’s one of the few shots from the day where we’re looking directly at the camera. The composition is different – us on the bottom Mostly, I just like being silly!
  • Speaking of being silly – I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to make this face in the ninth photo. Isabel gave me a bite of cake. I think we were just laughing at how funny it was. We didn’t really know what to do. But I do remember the cake being delicious!
  • Finally, this tenth shot is one of our favorites. It’s an intimate moment between new husband and new wife. This wasn’t during our first dance. It was actually during one of last ones. People laugh around us enjoying the night. I can remember just feeling completely joyful that the day had come, we made our vows to each other, and that all had gone smoothly.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I am really happy with how they turned out. And these are just 10 of my favorites. I have over 300 other favorites, and over 1000 other great photos! I hope you enjoyed checking them out.

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