2016 Goals at Video School Online

It’s a new year, and that means 366 new days to make something happen (yes, it’s a leap year in 2016). To keep myself accountable, I’m sharing my goals for Video School Online with you here. It’ll be fun to look back at the end of the year, and see what I’ve accomplished. I’ve broken down the goals into a few key categories. All of these are business-related goals. You can see my ongoing personal goals on my Impossible List.

2016 Goals:

online courses

Online Course Creation Goals

Video School Online started with teaching online courses. It’s still our strongest asset, and it’s what I’ll be continuing to work on in 2016. 2015 was an incredible year for our online courses – read all of our highlights here. We saw our 100,000 student enroll in a class. I was awarded an Outstanding Instructor of the Year award by Udemy. This was given to the top 10 students based off of student nominations (fyi. there are over 19,000 instructors on Udemy, so I am deeply humbled by this). Last year, I published 18 new courses. This year, I want to focus more on creating bigger and better courses. My goal is to publish 6 masterclass-style courses that are a complete guide to the topic.

Goal: Publish 6 Courses

I’m already about to launch my YouTube Masterclass (enroll in the free preview/mini course now). I’ve been working on a big business-building course over the past 6-months that I’m hoping to launch this year.

Goal: Improve Existing Courses

At this point, some of my courses are three years old. While the content is still relevant, the course quality and structure is a bit outdated. I would love to spend 1-2 weeks updating all of my best-selling courses like the Complete Adobe After Effects Course and Complete Premiere Pro Video Editing Course.

Goal: Continue Adding to the Photography Masterclass

My buddy Sam and I created the most robust course to-date and launched it in February of 2015. We love this course. Students love this course. And we want to make sure this is the best and most complete photography course on Udemy. At the end of 2015, we asked all of the students for suggestions on how we can improve the course. We received a ton of great suggestions. We took them and ran with them, uploading 25+ new lectures. And we want to continue to do the same this year.


VideoSchoolOnline.com Goals

Video School Online is my brand and my home base. It’s where I share all of my latest news, tutorials, and courses. In 2015, I worked hard to post weekly articles and YouTube videos. Our email list has grown past the 3,000 mark. I spent more time sharing on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s paid off. We’re hovering around 15,000 unique visitors to the site per month. We launched our courses right here on VSO, using a platform called Teachable.

All of this is good stuff, but we have a ton of work to do!

Goal: Improve the Design

I’ve been very happy with the latest design, and don’t think I’m going to completely overhaul what I’ve built so far. But there’s always work to do. We have a very high bounce rate (amount of visitors leaving the site after visiting just one page). Some of my favorite pages don’t get a lot of love (Get Started and Resources). And when you come to the home page of VSO, you might not know exactly where to click. The problem is that I have people coming from all sorts of backgrounds and interests. Video creators, animators, photographers, business builders, online teachers, etc – are all different types of audiences. My goal for 2016 is to make sure that people know where to go and enjoy what they get from my site.

Let me know what you think I could do to improve the site in the comments!

Goal: Grow My Courses Site to 10,000 Students

Since launching the VSO course site in early September, over 700 students have signed up for courses. A lot of you have enrolled in my free courses (check out the bottom of the courses page!). I love giving out great content with those courses. I would also like to see you enroll in my premium courses. I put together three bundles that are an amazing deal and package related courses for one price. These bundles (Business and Passive Income, Video Creation, Photography) are my bread and butter, what I want students signing up for because they have such amazing content.

In 2016, I hope to attract 10,000 students (both in free and paid courses).

Goal: Better Emails

I’ve been terrible at sending out emails to the VSO subscribers. I have to admit this, so that I can move forward. Until now, you really only get one email per week that includes the latest blog posts. I want to make sure that people who sign up for the VSO newsletter are actually getting valuable information in their inbox. Of course, you do get the Freelance Kickstart guide. But I want to do more for you. One of my first projects in 2016 is to sign up for a new email service provider called ConvertKit. Why? ConvertKit works seamlessly with my online course platform (Teachable) so that when someone signs up for any of my courses, I could potentially follow up with a nice welcome email and some other great information.

Goal: 50,000 Visitors per Month

I wanted to write down some sort of goal for traffic to VSO. At first I thought 25,000 was a good goal, but I want to challenge myself to get grow beyond double in 2016. Let’s make it an even 50,000.

youtube goals

YouTube Channel Goals

I’ve really loved growing my YouTube channel this year. At the start of 2015, I had 4,256 subscribers and 349,158 views. At the start of this year, I had 12,277 subscribers and 1,077,578 views. The exponential growth continues and I’m excited where this year will take us. What I love about YouTube is that it is a completely new audience that finds Video School Online each and every day. Some of them end up taking one of our courses. Some come the website. Others just stay on YouTube, and I enjoy interacting there.

Goal: 50,000 Subscribers

I’m going to double down and put a 50k goal for subscribers. With continued dedication to the platform, I think this can be a reality.

Goal: 2.5 Million Views

If I make it to 50k subscribers, this shouldn’t be a problem. In December I had just under 100k views. With a little bit of growth,  I can hit the 2.5 million mark in 2016.

Goal: $1000 in a Month in Ad Revenue

While earning money on YouTube isn’t my bread and butter, it is some nice extra sauce that helps pay the bills. Each month my total seems to rise. In December I made over $300 for the first time. Thanks to my personal finance series of videos (which I want to add to), this goal is quite a stretch, but possible. What I like about my YouTube earnings is that it stays relatively stable. It’s grown slowly. But there aren’t any huge dips.


Bonus Goals

Here are some extra goals that didn’t have a really good category.

Goal: Be Interviewed on 10 Podcasts

I love sharing my story with other people. I love teaching things to new audiences. I think being on podcasts is a great way to do this, so I’m challenging myself to reach out to podcasts that I want to be on, rather than just waiting for people to ask me.

Goal: 6-Figure Income & Simplicity

While I don’t publish my income reports here, I’m happy to say that 2015 was my second 6-figure year in net earnings. Most of this money went to paying off student loans, paying for a wedding, and moving into a new condo (that we’re renting). Most importantly, I try to be realistic with my income goals each year. And just as important, I try not to be greedy about making a lot of money. Many studies have shown that ~$75,000 is the cap at which an increase in salary also increases salary. So making any more than $75,000 won’t make me any happier. That’s something that I want to remember this year. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to figure out ways to make more money. This year, I want to focus more on giving away free content, and not worrying about the bottom line.

Goal: Love Life

This is a goal I have every day. The most important thing in the world to me is to love life. This includes loving my wife, my family and friends, my ‘job’, my actions, my everything. If I can continue to love life every day, I’m sure 2016 will be another amazing year.

It’s hard to top a year in which I got married, started my own corporation, and felt truly settled for the first time in a while. But I’m sure 2016 is full of surprises, and I can’t wait to find out what those are!

What are you goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!