This is just a taste of the types of lessons in our new Creative Cinematography: Shoot Better Video with Any Camera online course. The course dives deep into each of these tips so that you really understand how to shoot better videos.

1. Composition

Deciding where your camera is and how the subject(s) is framed is key to telling a story. By consciously putting what you want in your frame, you’re saying something. It’s important to understand that everything in the frame is part of your story.

2. Exposure

Being able to pick up any camera and get the right exposure is key to being a great cinematographer. This means understanding how to use ISO, shutter speed, aperture, frame rate, neutral density filters, and lighting together to get proper exposure.

3. Telling a Story

As a camera person, you are in charge of making sure the the story is being visually captured on the screen. There is only so much you can say with words, and only so much you can do with editing to tell the story. Great storytelling means great camerawork that shares the story without forcing it upon the audience with dialogue or editing.

4. Being Aware

Whether you’re working on a narrative film set or shooting a wedding, you need to know what is going on around you. What is the lighting like? How are your actors feeling today? Especially if you are shooting documentary-style projects, you need to be at least one step ahead of everyone else so that you know where to be with your camera before anything happens.

5. Finding a Style

While it’s great to try to copy amazing cinematographer’s styles while learning, over time it is important to craft your own style. People will recognize your style and want to hire you because of it. This takes years of practice – and ultimately just getting out there and shooting stuff, then sharing it with people. This means getting up off the couch and away from the computer to just practice shooting more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to shoot better videos as a cinematographer. If you want to learn more, try enrolling in the premium online course. There’s a money back guarantee so there is no risk. It might the thing that takes you to the next level of shooting videos.