5 Reasons I Love ConvertKit for Email Marketing


In this video, I want to share 5 reasons I love ConvertKit. I recently switched email marketing providers from MailPoet to ConvertKit after hearing some really good things about it. Since I made the switch, creating email sequences, building a sales funnel, and increasing my email subscribers have gotten easier and better.

THE PROOF (after just 2 months!)

689 subscribers in just 2 months

The above image shows the total number of subscribers that I have gotten (600+) in the past 2 months. You’ll see that the number of subscribers in the graph doesn’t match the total new subscribers because the graph doesn’t show new subscribers coming in as students to my courses, which are automatically added to new email sequences.

In my first month, I made over $454.59 through my sales funnels using ConvertKit (something I’d never done before!).

Here are 5 reasons that I love ConvertKit for Email Marketing:

1. Easy-to-use interface

When you log onto ConvertKit, the entire interface is just so simple. There are links at the top for anything you would want to do: create a form; build an email sequence; send a broadcast email to your entire audience; create an automation. It doesn’t take a tech wizard to use ConvertKit.

ConvertKit title bar

2. Easy auto responder sequences

Email sequences were something I never got excited about. But when I signed up for ConverKit, it actually made creating automated sequences fun. They even have a simple template that expedites the entire process. You can duplicate sequences, drag and drop emails to re-order them, and easily automate who gets added to the sequences using ConvertKit.

3. It charges only once per subscriber

If you use MailChimp or some other email marketing tools, you have to pay for every subscriber that gets added to a new list. So if you have multiple lists (to help segment your audience), you would have to pay twice for someone who signs up for both lists with the same email address. Not with ConvertKit. ConvertKit only chargers per user (or subscriber) even if they are on multiple lists.

4. Easy segmentation and automation rules

Adding people to different lists, tagging them as a specific audience, automatically adding subscribers to an email sequence – these things have never been easier. ConvertKit provides a myriad of options for tagging and segmenting your subscribers. This way, you can truly target only the people that might be interested in your products or services. You can also easily automate different actions like: subscribe to a sequence, unsubscribe from a sequence, add a tag, subscribe to a form, etc. with a number of triggers like: people who click a link, people who purchase a product (like a course), people who subscribe to a form.

convertkit triggers and actions

5. Great integrations like Teachable

The main reason I switched to ConvertKit initially was so I could automatically send emails and sequences to students who enroll in my online courses. Sending welcome messages and other educational content to them improves the student experience. I also wanted to try to promote my paid courses to students who enroll in my free courses. ConvertKit allows you to do just that because it integrates seamlessly with Teachable (where I host my online courses). It also connects with many other online applications that make it a great option for any online blogger or business.

Ready to sign up?

By this point, you understand why I use ConvertKit. I switched over from using MailPoet and MailChimp because it just works better for me as an online business.

If you’re interested, sign up for ConvertKit. You can try it and get a 30-day refund if it doesn’t work out. That’s what I did!

I told myself, I’m going to try ConvertKit. I was hesitant because I hate spending money and I was using a free plugin that I thought was working. But I told myself that I’ll try ConvertKit, and if I can make my money back (or more) in the first month, then I would continue trying it.

I paid my $29 to start using ConvertKit. I set up my sales funnels. In the first month, I made over $454.59.

That’s why I am still using ConvertKit today, because it works.

Try it out! And see if it works for you!


*The link that I shared above is an affiliate link. At no cost to you, I will make a few bucks for referring you to ConvertKit. I promise, that I only share this link because I love ConvertKit. I wouldn’t pitch it to you if I didn’t. Please, only sign up for ConvertKit if you have the money and are ready to build your sales funnels!

  • Helpful post! Thank you! I’ve been loving ConvertKit and just signed up for Teachable. I’m excited that they integrate together smoothly 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! Yes – I love the integration! That’s really why I got it, so I guessing you’ll fall in love with it too!

  • i’d love to get this setup, just another monthly i can’t quite get right now, but soon! – and if it intergrates with teachable that’s awesome, because i’m loving it! – great admin.

    • Hey Phil. Ya it’s definitely something to consider in terms of adding another expense. I told myself that if it doesn’t pay for itself, I’m going to drop it. ConvertKit has a 30 day money-back guarantee. But after 2 weeks, I’d already made enough to cover the cost for a few months. This is partly because I already have a decent amount of traffic visiting my site. But if you can create a sales funnel (free course: http://courses.videoschoolonline.com/courses/build-the-ultimate-sales-funnel-with-convertkit), it should easily pay for it… anyway, just some thoughts!