5 Tips for getting a Fully Funded Crowdfund Campaign

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to share a series of great guides with you written by my fellow filmmaker and co-instructor Caleb Negassa. Caleb is a film producer who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal and team video projects. We recently co-created an online training course on How to Fundraise for your Next Video or Film Project. Along with inspiring videos, Caleb has written a few guides that will help you in key areas related to fundraising a film project.

Today, Caleb gives you 5 tips for successfully funding your crowdfund campaign on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or wherever you are raising funds.. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing more guides on how to create a lookbook, a sample fundraising schedule, tips for pitching your project to an investor, and tips for successfully raising funds with a crowdfunding campaign.


There are several crowdfunding sites out there that have lots of other projects on it. The best way for you to shine is by making a video that hooks the audience and delivers all the essentials about your movie. All the video has to do is organically capture the tone, theme, style and feel for the movie in 2-3 minutes. It might be worth paying someone to create a professional video for you.


People who have given money and are supporting you want to know what’s going on with your project. Take it upon yourself to send them a weekly update so that they truly feel involved in your project. This is also a good way to get them to recommend you to people they know that can donate to your project. Staying on their radar means getting them to talk about your project.


Be creative with the kind of perks you offer to people donating money. Even if it is just one dollar they are donating, be creative in how you can reward them for that. Examples include a high five, a digital download of the movie score, or a special thanks in the video credits. Remember that most of the people might not be in your industry, so giving them something that makes them feel special means you getting more money.


One thing that goes a long way besides just putting up a project page on the crowd funding website is having another website people can jump onto to find more information about you and the project. Strangers don’t know if you are going to just take their money and run, so if you have a website that talks about past projects or shows any of your work, it goes a long way. It’s an insurance policy of sorts to let people know that you are not conning them.


Another way to get more people involved in your crowd funding campaign is creating a game or some sort of task that get’s people more involved. A game relevant to your project, like Trivia games or a history lesson, or finding out which characters your donors most resemble makes crowd funding easier. This is no easy task, meaning you have to market you crowd funding page non-stop but the return can be amazing.