5 TV Personalities with Great On Camera Presence

As part of launching our Camera Confidence Media Training, we’re giving you an inside look into what we’re teaching. To help you get in the mindset of becoming more confident on camera, let’s watch some videos of other television ‘greats’… people with great on camera presence (whether you like them or not!)

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1. Anderson Cooper – Anchor/Journalist

Anderson Cooper sets himself apart from other well-known news personalities by his down-to-earth style of speaking. He doesn’t put on the “anchor voice”. He is very good at speaking to the viewer on a personal level. Also, Cooper is known to break into fits of giggling from time to time during his segment “The RidicuList”. If you can laugh while on national television, you’re pretty darned comfortable on camera. Most people would be too scared to even think about laughing during an appropriately funny moment. Take note of his facial expressions and voice inflections during this specific clip. He’s natural!

2. Oprah Winfrey – Host

The queen of television. For many, Oprah was/is the best friend that you’ve never met. She’s such a naturally great speaker and very personable on air. You can’t help but love her. In this clip (which shows Oprah’s audition tape for a morning show in Chicago in the 80s) you get a taste of this. In the audition tape, take note of one particular line: “we did not even…..have a television set in our home.” She takes a breath between the words “even” and “have” instead of trying to press on and finish the sentence. Even the pros need to take breathing pauses.

3. Scott Pelley – Journalist/anchor

Scott Pelley is old school. He’s the type of TV news guys that has the “anchor voice” that we frown upon so often, but his job demands it. Network television news reporters and anchors need to command authority. Pelley’s smooth, deep voice helps him out with this, but there’s more to it than that. Pelley’s body language, his pacing, his pauses…all command authority and make him appear totally in his comfort zone.

4. Chris Hardwick – comedian, host, etc.

Love him or hate him, Hardwick does a great job of entertaining and commanding authority. His comedy background gives him an edge (because it gave him tons of practice!). That’s why he’s been tabbed as the host of a few shows (@midnight, Talking Dead, Talking Saul). He obviously does his research and is comfortable in his own skin (he embraces his “nerdy” persona, which makes him likeable. He doesn’t try to be something he’s not). As shown in this video, he is comfortable taking the lead and keeping the energy moving.

5. Donald Trump

There’s a reason why this guy is constantly talked about. There’s a reason why, despite some very controversial remarks, he is considered a front runner for the US presidency. The secret? Donald Trump is captivating when he speaks. He speaks with feeling, with supreme authority, with an ego that is beyond comprehension. Before the whole presidency thing, Donald Trump was a regular guest on talk shows, news shows, and reality shows. Why? Because he is interesting to watch. Those looking to improve their camera confidence can learn a lot by how Donald speaks (but maybe not how he talks, unless that’s what you’re going for).

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