After Effects Project Tutorial: Story Time

After Effects Project Tutorial: Story Time


For many of you, it may be cheaper and smart to just purchase After Effects templates on sites like VideoHive. But at some point, it’s nice to actually know what is going on yourself and be able to create your own amazing motion graphics. That’s where I come to help! I’m taking requests for projects like the ones you see on Video Hive. I recreate the project myself and show you how to do the same.


Resources mentioned in video

I’ve recreated this story time project. I dumbed down the project so that you can more easily understand what is going on. But go ahead and increase the comp sizes and quality to match the original story time project.

If you have other effects, motion graphics, or videos that you’d like to replicate, just post a comment below and I’ll try to create a tutorial for you as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson!


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