In this After Effects Tricks post, we’ll be teaching you a method that will make you a more efficient After Effects user.


A quick way to navigate your After Effects composition is using the arrow keys. I’m using a Mac, so the rules might be a little different for you (i.e. use COMMAND for CONTROL). Here are some ways to use the arrow keys while editing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.39.05 PM

  • LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN (LRUD) – This actually moved the layer within your composition in whatever direction you press.
  • SHIFT + LRUD – This moves the layer within the composition 10x as much as without the shift key pressed.
  • COMMAND + LEFT/RIGHT – This move you backwards or forwards in your timeline by one frame.
  • COMMAND + SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT – This moves you backwards or forwards in your timeline by 10 frames
  • COMMAND + UP/DOWN – This controls the layer that you have selected. COMMAND + UP will select the layer on top of the previously selected layer.
  • COMMAND + SHIFT + UP/DOWN – This allows you to select multiple layers at one time.

Watch the tutorial!




Enjoy these tricks!