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Amazing Motion Graphics – Shape (VIDEO) | What would you change?

The way we design our world has always been questioned. People come up with new ways to do things. And with new ways come new designs – new shapes, new sizes, new priorities, new horizons.

Standing at my standing desk at work makes me realize how much room there is to grow. Offices across the world are opening up and becoming more collaborative. Collaboration = higher productivity. Students are researching how to design the world to be better. My cousin Marshall Ford is researching kid-centric design. What would the world look like if kids were the priority?

Berkeley is a great place to be for cyclists. There are plenty of bike lanes, paths, and boulevards. But there is still room to grow.

And the reason I’m telling you all of this is because I was inspired by a great animation the other day. Developed by the Dublin city council and Pivot Dublin. It really brings up a lot of great questions about the world around us.

Take a look below! Get inspired. And go change the world!

We are designers. We design moving pictures. Use the tools at your disposal to better the world around you!

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