Beer-Themed Lower Thirds | Video School Online After Effects Tutorial

Beer-Themed Lower Thirds | Video School Online After Effects Tutorial

Want to learn how to make a cool beer-themed lower third?

Ya, that’s right. I made a beer-themed lower third. It’s because I love beer so much that I decided to create one for my online course – Brew Your Own Beer. The course is for beginners, anyone who wants to get into brewing with the Mr. Beer kit. All of that being said, in this post, I want to share with you how I created the lower third.

It includes everything you want in a good beer: a nice golden color, frothy foam, and the perfect amount of carbonation. Mouths watering yet?  

Watch this video from the Video School Online YouTube Channel and enjoy. But first you might need to pop open a cold one (if you’re of legal drinking age of course!), sit back, and get ready to learn some cool After Effects tricks.

Did you enjoy that? I hope so! If you’re interested in learning how to make some other amazing lower thirds, check out my course: 10 Amazing Lower Thirds – Professional Video Titles Made Easy. The course includes over 10 after effects tutorials including the project file so you can easily customize and create your own titles in no time!

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