Best Affordable USB Microphone | Has it improved my courses?

Best Affordable USB Microphone | Has it improved my courses?

I’ve used a lot of microphones. I’ve tried every DIY option from connecting my Zoom H4N to the computer to using the stereo microphone on my Logitech HD webcam. I’ve recorded audio separately using my wireless Sennheiser kit, and then synced it to the video. And sometimes when I’m really lazy I just use the internal microphone of my computer.

This had gone on for a while, and it was becoming a headache. I needed something that would easily plug into my computer and record high quality audio. So I broke down and bought the Blue Snowball USB microphone. See below.

I’d heard about the Blue line of microphones including the Yeti & Snowball. I’d watched many test videos on YouTube. But I’d never tried it out in person. I bought the Blue Snowball after testing it out at work – working at UC Berkeley as a video producer. Surprisingly, it works wonders! We use it at work to record voice over for our videos.

Get one for under $50 on Amazon!

After using the microphone for my latest course and for a few online tutorials, I’ve decided that it is really a bang for your buck. I truly believe that it would be a great microphone for podcasting as well. The audio quality in my courses has improved dramatically. And I believe audio quality is just as important as video quality, especially for online tutorials.

And now, when I go to record a tutorial, it is so easy! No more syncing. No more going through menus on the Zoom H4N to set it up as a USB wireless. Just plug it in and go! So you can look forward to more classes and tutorials coming soon!

Watch the unboxing and test video below.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you’re interested, please check out my new Photo Colorization course to see the microphone in action.