Camera Confidence Media Training: Be Better On Camera

Be better on camera with more confidence, authority, and comfort!

Do you get nervous when speaking on camera?

Do you wish you felt more confident and had a better on camera presence?

Are you trying to teach engaging online courses, become the next YouTube star, or land a gig on TV?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the perfect course for you. Be more confident, engaging, and comfortable on camera in just a few hours.

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Learn from a television professional!

Christian Hartnett is a multimedia journalist with over a decade of on camera experience. He has a bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism and was recently the youngest field reporter for CBS San Francisco. He’s learned many tips and tricks over the years that have helped him be successful. He’s also made a lot of mistakes and struggled to be confident on camera, just like you.

Course Overview:

  • Start off with daily routines that help you speak better
  • Learn the basics of on camera preparation
  • Be more passionate and ready for your topics with research, outlining, and scripting,
  • Practice speaking on camera and get our helpful feedback to improve
  • Use your body (voice, breathing, face, eyes, mouth, hands, arms, legs) to be more comfortable on camera
  • Learn specific techniques to be better for TV appearances, YouTube vlogs, and online courses

A Bonus You Can’t Miss Out On: Get personalized feedback on your videos with constructive tips to help you be better on camera.

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