How to Easily Add a Border in Lightroom

You can easily add a white, black, or colored border to any photo right within Lightroom. Watch the tutorial above, or read the step-by-step instructions below.

Lightroom Border Tutorial Instructions

1. Select the photo from your tray

Choose the photo you want to add a border to from the photo tray at the bottom of Lightroom.

2. Switch to the Print Module

In the upper right, change to the Print Module.

3. Click Page Setup in the bottom left

Next, you’ll have to adjust the page size so it matches the aspect of your photo. First, click the Page Setup button on the bottom left.

4. Create a new page size

In the Paper Size drop down menu, click Manage Custom Sizes. Then entire a size that matches the width and height of your photo. If you don’t know the width and height of your photo, you can see it in the Library module under Metadata.

5. Add a Stroke Border

On the top right in the Print Module, under Image Settings is an option for adding a stroke. Choose the stroke color and the width here.

6. Decrease Margins

Under the Layout section, change the margins to 0 on all sides.

7. Scale Your Photo

If necessary, click the edges of the photo to scale to the full size of your page. You should end up with a full size image with a border the size of the stroke you have set.

8. Save Your Photo

Under Print Job, change the Print to: option to JPEG File. You can also change the resolution, quality, and even save to custom dimensions if you want it larger or smaller in these settings as well.

Once you’re happy with your settings, click Print to File and choose where to save. Then save.


This tutorial was meant to show you how to add a border to photos right within Lightroom. I hope I’ve been able to help you. Leave a comment below if you need more help, or have another way of adding borders in Lightroom.

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