How to Easily Create Graphics for Free with Canva

This tutorial will teach you how to use to create beautiful and professional graphics for free. Canva is a free online application with free templates for all of your social media and business graphic projects. Canva also has hundreds of free images, icons, and other elements to use. I’ve converted most of my own graphic design to Canva from Photoshop, because it is so easy-to-use.

Watch my Intro to Canva Tutorial

How to Use

Here are the 8 steps to designing your own graphics with Canva. Once you dive in, you’ll see how easy it is to use their interface. It’s very intuitive and makes creating professional and beautiful graphics easy for non-graphic designers.

canva tutorial 1

1. Sign Up

Head over to and sign up for a free account with Google, Facebook, or your email address.

canva tutorial 2

2. Choose a Design Template

From the top menu, click on any of the templates to open up a new project. You can click the + more button to see all kinds of templates. The following are just a sample of Canva’s free templates:

  • Facebook Cover template
  • Facebook Post template
  • Instagram Post template
  • Twitter Post template
  •  Resume, Presentation, and Letterhead templates
  • eBook Cover template (great for Kindle!)
  • Blog Title template
  • Infographic template
  • Business Card, Flyer, and Brochure templates
  • Facebook Cover Art Template
  • YouTube Thumbnail Template
  • YouTube Channel Art Template
  • Twitter, Etsy, and Google+ Header Templates
  • Facebook, Blog, and Web Ad Templates
  • So many more!

canva tutorial 3

3. Choose a Layout

After opening up a template, the left hand navigation has different editing panels: Layouts, Elements, Text, Background, Uploads. First, choose a layout from the many free options. You’ll be able to completely customize these layouts. They’re great starting points for any of your projects.

canva tutorial 4

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4. Add, Edit, Swap your Elements

Click on the Elements panel. You’ll see Free Photos, Grids, Frames, Shapes, Lines, Illustrations, Icons, and Charts. Click on any of these to see the available elements in each category. There are free elements and paid elements. You can use the search bar at the top of the panel to find elements specific to your project.

Once you’ve found an element, you can drag and drop it onto your project template. Resize by selecting the element and dragging in the sides or corners. Click and hold, then drag the element to move it around your project.

canva tutorial 5

You can easily replace photos in the template with ones from the free options by dragging and dropping your desired photo onto the photo in the template.

canva tutorial 6

5. Upload Your Own Elements

If you have your own photos or graphics that you want to add to the project, click the Uploads panel then the green Upload your own images button to upload files from your own computer. They’ll appear in a library of uploads in this panel and can be re-used in any of your projects.

canva tutorial 7

6. Edit and Resize Photos

Click the photo you want to edit. You can simply resize and rotate by clicking and dragging the corners or the rotate icon at the bottom of the photo. You’ll also see a Filter and Crop option. Filters are a great way to add an Instagram-esque filter or manually edit your photo’s contrast, saturation, and other settings. Clicking the crop button allows you to re-position and re-size the photo within the frame. You can also just double-click the photo to automatically jump to the crop options.

canva tutorial 8

7. Add and Edit Text

Double-click any of the text in your template to add your own text. You can move the text around by just clicking and dragging it to a new location. To edit the font, size, and color just click on the text block you’d like to edit. These options will appear. Advanced text options can be edited by clicking the down arrow button on the right side of the edit module. You can edit text style (bold, italic, uppercase). You can adjust the alignment, spacing, and transparency, among other things.

canva tutorial 9

To add new text, click the Text panel on the left. There are a number of text templates you can use, or your basic heading, subheading, and body text. Just click and drag them onto your project to add then customize.

canva tutorial 10

8. Download and Share

Once you’ve edited your entire project, and are ready to use it, click the Download button in the top right. You can download JPG, PNG, and PDF versions. I usually just use the JPG option because it is a high-quality file but small file size, perfect for web graphics.

canva tutorial 11

Bonus Tips:

  • When selecting any element, a menu with the Forward and Back options appears. These will move your layer on top or behind the other layers, however you’d like.
  • Quickly add new text to your project by pressing T on your keyboard.
  • You can duplicate a project to make a new version without erasing the original by clicking the duplicate button on the right side of the project. canva tutorial 12

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