Facebook Watch: Why You Need to Be Ready

If you’re on Facebook and live in the U.S., you probably noticed a new Watch page. If you’re a video creator, business, marketer, or online teacher – you need to pay attention.

There’s a new button at the top left of your home page:

facebook watch

And, a button in a prime spot on the mobile app.

​What is Facebook Watch?

facebook watch app page

​It’s a new platform for shows on Facebook. We know that over the past couple of years, video on Facebook has exploded. Mark Zuckerberg predicted that a majority of content shared in the next few years will be video. But until now, unless you see a video appear on your wall, it wasn’t very easy to find videos on Facebook.

Taking on YouTube

​I believe Facebook Watch is the next step in taking on YouTube as the go-to place for watching online video. YouTube has a huge advantage, and a huge head start. Now with Facebook Watch, it’ll be easier for everyone to share and watch videos on Facebook.

​Not Open Yet

​Currently, Facebook Watch has only accepted ‘shows’ from a select group of creators. It’s also exclusive-to-Facebook content. According to Facebook Newsroom​:

We’ll be opening up shows to a limited group of creators and plan to roll out to all soon.

Now, I’m not sure when this will happen, and how the exclusivity rules are applied.

​​Apply to Have a Show Today

​You can apply to have a Facebook Show Page​ and appear on Facebook Watch now (Read more info about Show Pages here​) today. A Show Page can be connected to another Facebook Page, and even a Facebook Group.

​Community + Streaming Platform

​I see Facebook Watch as a way for show creators to build a community right on the platform that the show is being streamed. This is different than Netflix. I also think this can be done better on Facebook than YouTube. YouTube is great for getting views, subscribers, and comment threads. But it’s not really a platform to build a ​community​ ​​on – compared to Facebook.

​Why You Should Be Ready to Upload

​Being an early adopter on any new platform is usually a good thing. Video continually proves to be the primary form of online communication – ​the way of the future​. And when Facebook launches something like Facebook Watch, that can potentially put your videos in front of millions of people, we should pay attention.

Time will tell how popular Facebook Watch becomes. Time will also tell what kinds of shows they’re looking for. Is it all going to be super high quality content produced by video professionals? Or could any brand or business start a ‘show’ with their laptop and webcam?

These are things we’ll find out in the future!

Be ready to take action!



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