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Free Courses + Books + Guides

Since the founding of Video School Online, we’ve strived to give away as much free content as possible. Our YouTube videos and articles are only some of the ways that we provide high-quality education online. Below, you’ll find our most popular free courses, books and resources.

free teaching online course

Win at Teaching Online
Start teaching courses on Udemy and through self-hosting with the latest techniques of a bestselling Udemy instructor.

free youtube course

YouTube Best Practices
An actionable course that will show you how to have more success with your YouTube channel, get more views & subscribers.

ConvertKit Course

Build the Ultimate Sales Funnel
Learn how to grow your business and convert website visitors into customers with a ConvertKit sales funnel.

free dslr video editing course

Video Editing for DSLR Shooters
Learn how to edit your DSLR videos without the hassle in Adobe Premiere Pro! Get started with editing today.

free long exposure photography course

Long Exposure Photography
Learn how to shoot beautiful long exposure photos with your DSLR and iPhone cameras.


Camera Confidence Mini-Course
The quick-start guide to being more confident on camera for TV, YouTube, online teachers, and spokespeople!

free after effects course 1

Dive Into After Effects 1: Learn the Basics
Start to create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects with this free course.

free after effects course 2

Dive Into After Effects 2: Learn to Animate
 Learn how to do basic motion graphics animations by animating keyframes in Adobe After Effects.

free after effects course 3

Dive Into After Effects 3: How to Use Templates
Improve your videos with pre-made After Effects templates. You don’t need to be a motion graphics wizard to do so!

free kinetic typography course

Kinetic Typography Crash Course
Start creating your own kinetic typography videos, titles, and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects in just minutes!

Personal Finance Principles

Personal Finance Principles

Learn the basic principles for financial success – a great introduction to our Personal Finance Masterclass.

free bluehost course

Bluehost & WordPress
Learn how to use WordPress and BlueHost to create your own custom and professional website in easy steps.

house of cards intro animation

House of Cards Intro Animation
Learn how to re-create the animated intro of House of Cards in Adobe After Effects.

Create Your Own Online Courses

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Want to Start a Successful Freelance Business?

freelance kickstart coverAs a creative person, sitting inside a cubicle for 40 hours per week just doesn’t sound fun. What other options are there?

Freelancing is the popular term that I use for being your own boss. For me, this means everything from doing video work to starting my own online business. I’ve found that this lifestyle gives me much more freedom and pushes me to be a better creator. Why wouldn’t you be a freelancer?

I’m here to help you launch your own successful freelance career because doing it on your own can be difficult. So let’s do it together!

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How to Start a Website in 5 Steps – The Ultimate Guide

how to start a website in five easy steps

Have you ever wanted to create your own website?

Read the how to start a website in 5 easy steps post to get started.

In the guide, I’ll show you how to:

  • Purchase hosting
  • Register a domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • Start building your site