How to Add Text in Photoshop

How to Add Text in Photoshop

How to add text in Photoshop.

This is a basic skill that any new designer will need to know. Watch the video below or read on.

1) Start a new composition by going up to File – New. Choose the size and settings you want.

add text in photoshop 1

2) In the tool bar, select the ‘T’ icon for text.

add text in photoshop 2

3) Click anywhere in the composition and start typing. To create a text box, click and drag to create a box, then type within the box.

add text in photoshop 3

4) Edit you text using the Character and Paragraph settings. If you don’t see either of these options go to Window – Character & Window – Paragraph to turn on these menus.

add text in photoshop 4

And there you have it! That’s how you create text in Photoshop!

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