How to Create a Freeze Frame in Adobe Premiere Pro

How many times have you had to look online and find the right way to create a freeze frame for you videos? Well here are two perfect ways to create freeze frames using Adobe Premiere CC. I’m pretty sure you can use the same methods in CS6 and CS5.

Frame Hold Freeze Frame Method

  • Split the clip at your desired freeze frame using the razor blade
  • Right click the right side of the split and select frame hold
  • Make sure you have ‘in-point’ selected from the drop down menu and click okay

That’s it! Your whole clip becomes a freeze frame. Wasn’t too bad eh? Watch the video for more specific instructions and to answer any concerns of yours.

Time Remapping Freeze Frame Method

  • Place your playhead at your desired freeze frame
  • Go to the clips effects options in the source monitor and under time remapping, set a key frame
  • ‘Command-Option’ Click the keyframe and drag to the right however long you want it

This will create a freeze frame for however long you want. The clip will resume play after the freeze frame (after the final key frame). This is a good option for creating a longer freeze frame or for setting a momentary freeze frame that will go back to action. Watch the video for complete instructions and tips.

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