How to Create a Triangle in After Effects

As a beginner After Effects artist, you may wonder – How the heck do I create a triangle?! There’s a simple option for a square, rectangle, circle, oval, and even a pentagon! A pentagon! When am I going to use a pentagon!?

At least, those were my thoughts when I began using After Effects for a lot of motion graphics and video effects projects. Now I use After Effects all the time. I’m using the circle and square shape and mask tools almost every time I open After Effects. And a triangle isn’t always something I want, but there have been times that I needed it. So here’s how you create a simple equilateral triangle in After Effects.

  • Using the polygon shape tool (set to pentagon mode standardly), and create your shape in a new composition.
  • Drop down the shape contents menu
  • Drop down the Polystar 1 menu
  • Drop down Polystar Path 1 menu
  • Where it says ‘points,’ change this to 3

Now you have a perfect equilateral triangle that you can use in your motion graphics.

Check out the images below for more help.

Step 1 – Select the Polygon Tool

how to draw triangle in after effects 1

Step 2 – Create a shape with the Polygon Tool

how to draw triangle in after effects 2

Step 3 – Under the Polystar Path menu, change the points from 5 to 3

how to draw triangle in after effects 3

Step 4 – You’re done! There’s your triangle!

how to draw triangle in after effects 4

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