How to Edit and Improve Vertical Video Footage

How do you deal with editing vertical video footage? With people shooting so much video with their smartphones, more and more vertical video is being used. But if you’re not sharing on a vertical platform like Snapchat, how can you improve vertical video and make it look better.

One way, is to do what a lot of people do to old 4×3 footage. When editing that old video in a modern 16×9 sequence (like an HD 1920 x 1080 sequence), there will be black bars on the edges of the more square-ish video. One technique that many people use is to duplicate the layer, scale up the back layer, and add blur to it. This can be done in most video editing applications.

In premiere pro, duplicate the clip by copying and pasting it. Move one clip to the second layer, and move the duplicated clip directly below other clip. In your effects tab, search for ‘fast blur.’ Add that to the bottom layer. Increase the blur to around 30. Make sure you check the box for repeat edge pixels, and you’re good to go!

This is a quick way to improve your vertical footage.