How to Mark Clips in Final Cut Pro X | Video School Online Tutorials

How to Mark Clips in Final Cut Pro X | Video School Online Tutorials

Video School Online presents a tutorial on how to mark clips within Final Cut Pro X. I hope all of you are doing well and being very creative with your projects.

I’m a big advocate of organization while editing and each editing program has their own way to do so. I’ve found that ‘marking’ clips is one of the best ways to organize because marking is a visual way to find your best clips. Follow the steps below to begin marking your clips:

  1. Once you are at a spot that you want to mark (i.e. the start of an interviewee responding to a question; a great part of your shot), press ‘M’ on the keyboard.
  2. A blue icon will appear at the top of the clip where you marked it. Double-click the blue icon and a dialogue box will pop up where you can add notes.
  3. Here you can remind yourself about your note. Click ‘Make To Do Item’ to make the blue turn to red – giving it more importance.
  4. You can do this as many times as you want per clip. When you bring your clip down to your timeline, you will still be able to see the marks you have made.

You can even mark your clips on the timeline. So if you want to bring an entire clip down to your timeline and then mark it, this is possible. I’d suggest doing this if you have an entire interview or some longer clip.

That is how to mark clips in Final Cut Pro X. I hope this helped you and will increase your editing speed and efficiency.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comments below.