I watch as many tutorials online as I create. Actually, I watch a lot more video tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, and other channels than tutorials I create. One thing that always bothers me is the poor audio quality that many tutorials have.

I admit though, getting good audio is really hard. You need not only a good microphone, but a good environment as well. Many of my first video tutorials had sub-par quality. And right now, even though I’m using a $75 HD web camera with a decent stereo microphone – the Logitech C920 – my audio isn’t as good as many other professional video creators. Check out the Logitech C920 here:

So I was thinking of purchasing a new microphone. I heard of a few good podcasting microphones like the Heil PR-40 or the Blue Yeti USB microphone (seen below). Both would be great options because they are USB, and can plug straight into my computer.


I have a Zoom H4N and professional Sennheiser lavaliere microphone set that I’ve used in the past. But honestly, it is kind of a pain to record audio to the audio recorder, then have to upload and sync. I use the screencasting software Screenflow, and the great thing about it is that it can record audio, my screen, and video – and it automatically syncs everything up. If I had a professional USB microphone, I would increase my editing efficiency and microphone quality dramatically. So I thought my only option would be to purchase one of these microphones. But they cost upwards of $100, up to a few hundred!

Then I got creative. Like I mentioned, I already have the Zoom H4N recorder, which is an audio recorder and stereo microphone all in one. The microphone is actually REALLY REALLY good quality. Professional musicians, documentarians, and video creators use this recorder all the time. It’s not cheap! But it is SO versatile. Click on the image below:



I wondered – can I use this microphone as a USB microphone? Could I somehow plug it in to the computer and turn it into a USB mic? A quick google search gave me a surprising answer – yes! And it’s not some sort of trick. It’s a built in feature of the Zoom H4N! I tested it out, and my audio is 10x better.


  • 1. Plug in your Zoom H4N to your computer via usb cable
  • 2. Use the menu scroller to scroll down to Audio I/F and select
  • 3. Scroll down to ‘Connect’ and select
  • 4. On your computer, select H4N from your microphone input preferences

I hope you enjoy this great tutorial. And now you can look forward to better audio from my video tutorials!

And there you go! You have a professional quality microphone to record anything straight to your computer!

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