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Here are some tips for anyone trying to write a great resume. If you’re like me, you’ve probably had to submit your resume to quite a few places before actually getting hired. Thankfully I was just hired full time to a great position at UC Berkeley that I’m very excited to have. So I’m living proof that the way I wrote my resume works.
The important thing to remember about resumes is that the way it looks (the way your resume is formatted) matters – almost as much as the content. The format of your resume will show that you are organized and professional. Don’t just slap together a bullet-pointed list of your accomplishments. Have well-defined sections. Use an easy-to-read font. Use your space wisely.

Tip #1 – Write your Resume for the Job

It’s good to have a standard resume that you can build from. But it is a good idea to make adjustments to your resume depending on what job you’re applying to. I often take out or add past experiences that are more relevant to the company I’m applying to.

Tip #2 – Quantify your Achievements

This was the best piece of advice that I received from the career counselor at the last job I had. He showed me how to really make my accomplishments shine. The way to do that is to put a number in your achievements. For example, instead of saying ‘Created a series of videos for x, y, z,’ say ‘Created a series of 15 videos for x, y, z, watched 150,000 times.’ Or- instead of ‘Built an online library of video lessons for school’s courses,’ say ‘ Built online library of video lessons saving x-amount of hours and x-amount of $$.’ These quantities are more powerful!

Tip #3 – Include Keywords in your Resume

You’ve probably heard this before. Job recruiters and human resources officers look out for keywords. Sometimes they have machines that just scan resumes for certain words. So make sure to use powerful keywords throughout your entire resume.
Here’s a great list of keywords to include in your resume.
Job openings receive hundreds and even thousands of applications. It’s very hard to stick out. But when a piece of paper is the first and sometimes only way to get your foot in the door, spending the extra time to make that resume stand out is really important.
After reading your resume, the job recruiter should have a good sense of not only your job skills, but also who you are as a person. Companies are trying to find humans – not robots to do their jobs. (well maybe some companies would rather have robots). So make sure your references, your experience, your skills, and your job objective show that you are the job candidate that they want to interview.