Travel Montage from Jumbo Rocks, Joshua Tree | Video School Online

Travel Montage from Jumbo Rocks, Joshua Tree | Video School Online

Video School Online creator Phil Ebiner is currently traveling in the Philippines with my girlfriend, visiting her family and being lazy on the beach. This post is of the travel theme. Enjoy!

Last week, I talked about my past as a travel videographer. This week, I want to share with you a short video I created a couple months ago after camping in Joshua Tree, California. We stayed at Jumbo Rocks. If you ever get the chance to camp or even visit Joshua Tree for the day, you won’t want to miss Jumbo Rocks. Splashed across the open desert are giant boulders and rock formations perfect for climbing. Our group went on multiple hikes throughout the day – to Skull Rock and Barker Dam, two close points of interest.

While there, I took a lot of photos and some video too. The video turned into a short montage of my favorite moments. A few years ago, I made another camping video after our first group camping adventure. I wanted to do the same this time. The wide open landscapes were perfect for a 2.35:1 video. What does that mean?

Typically, HD is 16 x 9. New LCD/LED televisions are all in this aspect ratio. HD 1920 x 1080 footage is standard for high definition viewing. This has a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. Sometimes, video and film makers want an even wider picture. The next standard format is 2.35:1 also known as anamorphic or CinemaScope. This was first introduced in 1972 and today is  actually 2.39:1 ratio. But people still use the old term 2.35. That is a lot of numbers and most of you probably don’t care!

All of that being said, enjoy this video with it’s wide shots and slow motion. I made it slow motion to complement the slow speed of camping. Compared to the rush of everyday city life, camping is calm and slow. My favorite shots come at the end of the video, from an afternoon hike to Barker Dam. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you like about the video below in the comments.




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