Learn How to Make Videos: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Making Videos Today

Learn How to Make Videos: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Making Videos Today

Video School Online was recently published on the Udemy Blog.

Please check it out here (click).

Consumers Want Video

People are watching more video than ever. A perfect example is this site. Udemy is built upon the idea that we can educate through video. It is a necessary part of its platform. Like we learned above, YouTube gets more traffic than 99.99% of all websites and that is because people love watching videos. Videos are much more engaging than reading text. It’s a great medium for getting information out into the world, into people’s minds. Videos add a personal touch to your business and people love that. They are also great for demonstrating products or services.

If you aren’t making videos, than your competitor probably is. So learn how to make videos!

Learn about how companies such as Starbucks, Patagonia, Nike, and Stash are doing it right!

Video is the Future

Some studies say that two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video… by the year 2014! You can tell that video is important to smartphone makers because smart phones are optimized for playing videos. The screens are now wide, perfect for widescreen video. Every smart phone commercial shows the ability to play video. And as more and more people use smart phones and tablets over the old-fashioned desktop or laptop, video is becoming the primary form of communication. 

Today is the day to learn how to make videos. Even if it is just with your webcam and the free editing software on your computer (iMovie for mac owners or Windows Movie Maker for PC owners), start creating today. Your first few videos aren’t going to be great. It will take practice, patience, and learning new things (on Udemy) to become proficient. But don’t let that scare you away from making videos. Every video creator will tell you that they are where they are because of trial and error. So get out there, grab your camera, and build a better business today.

Also, check out this video production package that I recommend.

Your DIY Business Video Kit should include:

  • Camera – DSLR cameras give you professional quality at a low cost. The Canon 60D is a great option.
  • Lights – This Lowel Light Kit gives you everything you need for great lighting set ups.
  • Audio – The Zoom H4N is every video maker’s best friend. Audio is just as important as video so make sure you use a decent microphone such as this one.



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