Lightscoop Deluxe: DSLR Flash Bounce Unboxing & Review

I recently ordered a Lightscoop Deluxe DSLR pop-up flash bounce/diffuser. Wow that’s a mouthful! This nifty little accessory claims to make your flash photography better. After testing it out around the house, I can honestly agree – the flash photos are a lot better with the Lightscoop Deluxe than without it.

Watch the video unboxing and review:

As a huge fan of natural light photography, I rarely use my camera’s pop-up flash. Only in emergency situations with low light will I pop that thing open. The results are always the same – super harsh, red eyes, lens shadows, bad colors. That’s why I don’t like flash photography. But after using this little gadget, I quickly saw how by bouncing the flash to the ceiling or wall behind me created a much more natural photo. Not only that, but the photos looked better than if I didn’t use the flash at all. You can see the examples below.

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Using the models that always let me take photos of them, my cat Zorah was curious about the pop-up flash. In that photo without the Lightscoop, you can see the harsh light. A shadow casted because of the big 24-70 lens I had on my camera also appears at the bottom of the frame. In the photo with the Lightscoop, you can see that while being backlit rather harshly from the bright outdoors, the Lightscoop flash creates an even lighting setup. Combined with the bright backlight, this photo came out really great!


Sometimes I have to be my own model… ugh. The photos above show the difference clearly. In the left photo, you can see the sweat on my forehead and cheeks. That sweat is still there in the second photo, but because the flash it being bounced off the ceiling and not blasted directly into my face, the shot is much more pleasing.

Here’s another great example. In the shot with the pop–up flash, you can see the shadow from the long lens at the bottom. A giant glare is front and center due to the pumpkins slick texture. On the right, you don’t see the glare. Everything is more evenly lit and beautiful.

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