Making money off cat videos. Our YouTube experiment with our new cat Zorah.

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Making money off cat videos. Our YouTube experiment with our new cat Zorah.

As some of you may know, Isabel and I recently got a new cat. Zorah is a beautiful lynx point siamese. We adopted her from the Berkeley Animal Shelter. Over our first month like any  new


parent we started taking lots of photos and videos of special moments with our new cat. Whether it was Zorah sleeping, playing with one of  her many toys, or hiding in her cat tree – we couldn’t help but shoot some video of her. With a canon 7D, two iPhones, and a bloggie touch camera around, there was always a camera available for filming.

We are now crazy cat people. Weekly pet store runs (or more), newfound cat YouTube channels (check out Simon the Cat), and reading the cat bible – Think Like a Cat – have filled our days. This new love of the feline combined with my passion for video creation meant one thing, one inevitable thing… a YouTube channel dedicated to Zorah.

If you’ve been on YouTube, you’ve probably seen a few cat videos. Apparently 15% of all YouTube videos watched are cat videos. People must be making some serious cash from these videos! Some cat channels have hundreds of millions of views. That being said, for every cat star are 100 cat channels that aren’t popular. So that is where the challenge was born.

Is it possible to make money from cat videos on YouTube? That is the challenge that I’ve taken up. I’m not sure if I will or not. I know that with the Video School Online YouTube channel, it has taken over a year and 100 videos to get a decent amount of daily views. And from those videos, I’m making about $30 per month. No, not YouTube stardom. But an extra $360 a year isn’t something to laugh at.

Our introductory video of Zorah the cat:

So what exactly is the challenge? 

According to our research, the cost of owning a cat ranges from $500 to $1000 per year. That adds up! If a cat lives for 12 years, that can be $12,000! Wow! So my goal is to make up that money with cat videos. During the first few months I’ll be focusing on putting out new videos and growing an audience. I think I’ll be waiting to monetize my videos until I’m getting about 400 views per day. That’s about the same as I’m making now with Video School Online. From that point, we’ll see how it goes!

I’ll be posting monthly updates on the cat video experiment. Please follow along!

Check out our YouTube Channel – The Scratching Post – the Life and Times of Zorah the Cat

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about Zorah in the comments. Do you have any advice for growing a brand on YouTube? Put it down below!