How to Create a Membership Site with Teachable + ThriveCart

Learn how Phil created his membership site with Teachable, and is using ThriveCart to increase conversions by offering a 7-day free trial.

Create a ‘Membership Site’ with Teachable

Creating a membership site is rather easy with Teachable. It’s technically a ‘bundle‘ of courses that you charge a recurring subscription for. You can put any number of courses in this ‘bundle’ (i.e. behind the membership pay wall).

Using Teachable, you can add all kinds of content – not necessarily just courses. For example, you can upload digital files, downloads, books, PDFs. You could also share links to private webinars or office hours. So it really is a great way to build a membership site as it automatically takes care of the payment processing, and is a relatively nice design for sharing content with members.

Increase Conversions with ThriveCart

With ThriveCart, you have more flexibility for offering free or discounted trials. With Teachable itself, you only have the option to do a discount for one month. You can’t do a 7-day free trial for example. Also, anyone that purchases your Teachable course/membership has to go to your Teachable course sales page. You can’t just add an opt-in or sales form on your own website.

That’s where ThriveCart comes in. You can check out the home page of to see our free trial offer. When you click the button, a pop-up appears where you plug in your info and are automatically enrolled in the membership bundle. It makes the barrier to entry so much shorter.

There are many other options that you can implement with ThriveCart like upsells, that I haven’t even started experimenting with.


Watch the video above to see the inner workings of creating a Teachable membership site, and the integration with ThriveCart.

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