Minimalist Lower Thirds in After Effects Tutorial

Being a minimalist is one of my favorite things – when it comes to purchases, design, and video creation. A student asked me on the Facebook page if I could create a tutorial on how to make a specific Minimalist Lower Third that he found on VideHive. If you want to easily create this lower third for your own projects, just download the template from VideoHive with 8 unique lower thirds. It’s only $9.

minimalist lower third video hiveOtherwise, watch the tutorial below.

Skills you’ll learn:

  1. Creating new compositions
  2. Animating shapes with trim paths
  3. Using track mattes to make layers appear/disappear
  4. Using the graph editor to change the speed of your animations
  5. Pre-composing to easily reverse an animation and change the speed

Minimalist Lower Thirds Tutorial:

Before you watch, download the After Effects project so you can follow along (it’s free!).

After you’ve created your own lower third, you’ll want to use it in your own projects. You can do this by using Adobe Dynamic Link (watch the tutorial). Or you can export your video with a transparent background (watch the tutorial).

Adobe After Effects 

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