Here’s my review of the 48″ Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk w/ Heavy Duty Steel Frame.

I purchased this desk from Amazon with no expectations – just some good vibes from the other reviews. When I got it, it took a little bit of effort to put it together. It helped to have my wife hold a few items in place while I screwed things in place. But after it was all together, I could tell that it was solid!

I highly recommend this desk for anyone looking for a ergonomically-sound sit / stand desk. The crank is easily adjustable. It takes around 50 turns for it to move from sitting to standing position. I have two monitors on it, so there is some extra weight that makes it a bit harder to crank up. But it is still easy for your average-strength person.

Four giant caster wheels are at the bottom of each corner, and it makes the desk really easy to move. The front two lock down to keep it in place, and it doesn’t seem like unstable at all.

The 48″ width is great for holding two monitors and a bunch of other stuff like your keyboard, mouse, headphones, coffee, microphone, external harddrives, phone, etc. But I try to keep it clutter-free. The one downside to this desk is that it doesn’t have any storage. I had to purchase a filing cabinet with drawers to hold all of my ‘desk junk.’ But that really is my only complaint after using it for a couple weeks.

Two thumbs up!