Drum roll please! I now present to you the most awesome course that I’ve ever created! Launch party discounts are below…

Photography Masterclass: The COMPLETE Guide to Photography

Key highlights of the course:

  • Understand How Cameras Work and What Gear You Need
  • Master Shooting in Manual Mode and Editing Photos
  • Use Stabilization, Composition, and Lighting
  • Learn How to Sell Photos or Start a Photography Business
  • Over 11 hours of lessons
  • Additional interviews with more professional photographers in the future!


Enroll in the course for just $25

We are so excited to see you in the course. We’ll always be available for questions. We want you to post your photos to the course discussion boards so we can check out your work and help improve it. Lastly, we’ll be doing interviews with more professional photographers and will post them to the course to give you exclusive insight into the real world of photography.

Thanks for reading, and let’s go take some photos!