Phil’s Home Office Tour

When my wife and I moved into a new place, we decided that we wanted to get a two-bedroom so that I could have my own home office. Since I was going to be working from home full-time now, it was important for me to have a space dedicated for work. As many of you probably know, it’s easy to bring work into the living areas (or the bedroom!). And for both of our sanities, a home office / cat room would be best!

We were lucky to find a really great two-bedroom condo that had a perfectly-sized second bedroom for my office. The furniture we brought from Berkeley would be a good start, but I needed a few things.

My home office wish list included:

  1. a new desk (maybe a sit/stand desk like I had at my job at UC Berkeley)

  2. a rug for style and soundproofing

  3. some way to have my lights and equipment set up for easy recording

  4. organization

  5. decor from my world travels

After just three short weeks, we had it all put together. I ordered a 48″ Crank-Adjustable Sit / Stand Desk from Amazon (It came from Next week, I’ll be posting a full video review of the desk with some behind-the-scenes footage. We got a filing cabinet off Craiglist for organization. I organized the closet with a shelf we brought from Berkeley. We used a wedding gift card to purchase an awesome rug from Crate & Barrel. And lastly, I used a backdrop stand behind my desk to hang two paper-lantern lights that work wonderfully as video lights.

Looking around my office you’ll see all of my favorite things:

  • a bicycle poster
  • my guitar
  • photos and decorations from my travels
  • an amazing triptych (one photo separated into three pieces) from our trip to Switzerland.


Having an office that shouts inspiration has kept me motivated to wake up early, get a lot of things done each day, and be happy throughout the day!

As a bonus, our cat Zorah chills with me most of the day in her cat tree!

Please watch the video above to get some visuals of my new home office! I hope enjoy it, and let me know what you think! What’s your favorite part of my office? What would you like in your own office?