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Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom 5 by Video School Online

A few weeks ago I went to my first baseball game at the Oakland Coliseum. As a new resident of the Bay Area, I didn’t shy away from supporting my team – the Angels. Decked out in Halo Red, I sat behind the Angels dugout with my Aunt and new baby cousin to watch Mike Trout take on the 2013 division winning Athletics. Unfortunately, we had to leave because baby cousin’s first game was too long. But while I was there, I got to take some great shots with my Canon 7D and 70-300mm lens.

Below you will find comparisons of the original pictures and the edited versions. I edited all of the photos using Adobe Lightroom 5. If you’re interested in learning how to use Lightroom, check out my Adobe Lightroom 5 Crash Course by clicking here.

Photo 1



I was trying to get creative with this photo. I saw this jet streaking through the sky past the lights, and thought it would make a great photo. It ended up being one of my favorites. As you can tell, I didn’t edit the photo too much. I added some contrast, added a vignette, and that is about it!

Photo 2



MIKE TROUT! It was really exciting to see my favorite player standing just a few yards away from me in the dugout. Even the Oakland fans loved watching him bat. While editing this photo, I cropped it so the entire batting experience was at the forefront. Trout, the catcher, and the umpire all prepare for the pitch. I also cropped it to a 16×9 aspect ratio. I like this ratio for wider shots.

Photo 3



Here’s another photo that I cropped similar to the Mike Trout one above. Griffin, that A’s pitcher, lunges toward the plate. My favorite part about this photo is the composition. Not bad for a cheap telephoto lens! As you can tell, I also added some contrast, a little more vibrancy, and a minor vignette.

Photo 4



This is another of my favorite shots from the day. I saw Mike Trout jogging into the dugout after the third out, and was getting my camera prepared when he hug-tackled Erick Aybar. I rapid-fired a few shots and luckily they were in focus. This photo is great, not just because of the composition, but because of the subjects and action.

Photo 5



Here’s another creative edit. This is slugger Mark Trumbo playing first base. I wish the first base coach wasn’t standing there when I took this photo. But he was. So what did I do? I cropped him out. I actually like how Trumbo is on the bottom right corner of the image now. Before, he was front and center. Now, he is off to the side. I like the composition with lots of negative space. I also dropped the vibrancy quite a bit. This left a lot of the reds which is perfect for my Angels. You like?

Photo 6



Mike Trout runs out to center field. I made this image black and white to add drama to it. I also made this image more contrasted than the others. The dark colors are darker, and the lighter colors are lighter. I also had to sharpen quite a bit with the sharpening tool and by adding grain. As you can tell, it looks a lot better in the second version in terms of sharpness.

Photo 7



While leaving the stadium, I looked back and snapped this picture of the Coliseum. I like how it looks black and white because the stadium is made of mostly gray tones anyway. The black and white image is now an artistic shot of this colossal cement structure. Our west coast version of this? haha… maybe not quite as epic.


I shot this picture in Rome back in 2010 with my grandfather’s Minolta film camera.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Everyone loves to take photo. Because a photo tells a story. So it’s a matter how good a photo to look ? I’m addicted to Lightroom. Lightroom is such an photo editing software
    that cam make a huge difference in your photo. Thanks for sharing