Photo and Video Gear Reviews! Check Out Our NEW YouTube Channel

Frequently, I get questions about gear – What camera should I buy? What’s the best microphone for talking head videos? What is a good affordable lighting kit?

I thought to myself – I need to provide MORE FREE RESOURCES to help you out!

So two of my co-instructors (Will and Sam), and I put together a brand new YouTube channel with in-depth video and photo gear reviews. The channel and videos are meant to be an educational supplement to my courses.

We just launched the channel today – it’s called VSO Tech!

  • The channel already has 3 new videos published today.
  • A new video will be published every day this week.
  • New videos will be published weekly moving forward.


First, Check out the channel and subscribe (so you get all of our new videos).

Then, check out any of the videos that you might be interested in:

1. Sony a7S ii Camera Review 

Here’s a great camera for photo and video.

2. Fuji XT1 Camera Review

A great camera for photographers (cheaper now because the XT2 just came out):

3. Movi M10 vs M15 comparison video

Looking for a steadicam system? The Freefly Movi systems are hard to beat!

Come back to the channel tomorrow to watch our next video!

These videos will help you become a better video creator and photographer, by giving you honest advice about gear choices.

If you have any questions about the gear, just comment on any of the videos!

Cheers and enjoy!

Phil, Sam and Will