This picture in picture tutorial shows you how to edit a video with video, text, and a background in Premiere Pro. These types of picture in picture videos are great for online courses, tutorials, and vlogs.

The picture in picture style is comprised of three things: the talking head video, bullet points, and a backdrop. How do we put them together?

Watch the Picture in Picture Premiere Pro Tutorial:

Picture in Picture Steps for Premiere Pro:

  1. In Premiere Pro, add your video to a new sequence.
  2. Move it to the second video track.
  3. In the first video track add a white backdrop using the ‘new color matte’ option by clicking the ‘new item’ button.
  4. Then add your text to the third video track (above the video and the background layers). To add bullet points on a Mac, press option/alt 8.
  5. The last thing to do is re-size and position everything however you like. You can do this in the Effects Controls panel by clicking on the video and text layers and changing the scale and position. Or you can double click the layers in the Preview window. Adjust to your liking, and you’re good to go!

Watch the Picture in Picture ScreenFlow Tutorial:


Picture in Picture Steps for Screenflow:

  1. In Screenflow, add video to a new sequence.
  2. Add a new annotation to your sequence. With the annotation selected, add a white rectangle. Move this annotation beneath the video.
  3. Then add a new text annotation. Change the text color and background to your liking. Again, use alt/option 8 to add bullet points.
  4. Then adjust the size of your text and video using the video tab or just by clicking and dragging in the preview window.

Have you ever made a picture in picture video? If so, share it with us in the comments below!