Playing Around with the GoPro Hero 3 | Video School Online Camera Test

Playing Around with the GoPro Hero 3 | Video School Online Camera Test

Have you played with the GoPro?

If not, you are missing out, and need to get your hands on one. Previously, I had used a GoPro 2 at a wedding that I was shooting. We were supposed to go out on some jet skis in San Diego with the groom, but unfortunately those plans got scrapped once we got down there. We did, however, use the camera during the ceremony, as a third camera in the very back. It was a great experience, and really shows the amazing quality of the camera.

Check out this amazing compilation of Hero 3 footage from GoPro:

Wow! What an amazing video. I tried to do my best with the video at the top of this post, but the Video School Online team may need to get some sweet underwater shots to compete with the GoPro team of cinematographers! Seriously though, the camera is amazing. For how small it is – it gets astounding footage. I was watching sports on television a few months ago, and they had aerial shots from some helicopters flying overhead. What cameras were they using? The GoPro! Crazy! They had switched the 25+ pound camera rigs on the bottom of each helicopter with a 1 pound GoPro! The footage looked just as good!



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I’ll be taking the GoPro Hero3 to the Philippines with me. I hope to get some cool ocean shots – in the waves, underwater, snorkeling. We’ll see what I can get. The underwater housing option that the GoPro gives cinematographers, makes it a very economical option for getting great shots. So I am very excited for that.

Compared to the original GoPro and the GoPro 2, the Hero3 is smaller, lighter, and shoots better quality video. It shoots up to 4k footage – that is twice as good as 1080 HD footage. It also shoots 60 fps (frames per second) in 1080p. This means you can get some amazing slow-motion (slo-mo) shots.

At under $400, this camera is a great one to have in your tool kit. Of course, the GoPro can’t replace the customization of a DSLR or a better camera such as the RED, or ARRI Alexa – but it does some things better. You can put it anywhere: on your head, underwater, on your car, etc. And it still gets great quality footage. You can’t strap a RED camera to the side of your motorcycle without risking the camera and the rider. But with the GoPro, you can!

After I get back from the Philippines, I’ll have to see if I want to purchase the GoPro Hero3 for myself. For now, I am very happy to borrow it, and test it out from my good friend Sam.

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  • Hey Phil—you’re totally right. GoPros keep getting better and better as technology keeps evolving. There is really no better bang for your buck out there in terms of video quality and versatility. Gotta go with the 3+ when you get ready to take the plunge.