Which shotgun microphone is the best?

Let’s compare the Rode NTG3 vs. Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone. These two microphones are mid to top of the line options. The Rode NTG3 runs at $699 new. I purchased a used one for $400 from Reverb.com. The ME66 shotgun with the K6 power module is about $450 new.

This test is a real-world test. I don’t talk about the scientific audio specs/details. It’s based solely on how it sounds to me.

For note, I’m listening to this test with my Sennheiser HD380 Pro headphones.

In this video, I’ll do a few tests:

  1. Test from 12-16 inches away
  2. Test with background noise
  3. Test from a further distance

For each test, I share my thoughts in the video about which microphone did better.

Overall Winner: RODE NTG3

After reviewing the audio from this test, I can honestly say that I liked the Rode NTG3 audio better. This is based off my own experience with video and audio production. But I must say that I’m not a professional audio engineer – so this is just my own preference. Some may like the Sennheiser ME66 sound a bit better.

Purchase the Rode NTG3 on Amazon

Purchase the Sennheiser ME66 with K6 Power Module on Amazon

What do you think? Which microphone did you like better?

Post your thoughts in the comment below!