VSO Session 004

In this session of The Video School Online Podcast, we talk to Will Carnahan. Will is a professional cinematographer and filmmaker extraordinaire. Will studied at Loyola Marymount University where he went to grad school for Film Production. There, he became one of the best and most sought after director of photographers on campus. Countless student films later, he continued his dream of becoming a Hollywood cinematographer after graduation. Since then, Will has been busy shooting features, shorts, documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, and weddings. Because of his hard work and determination, Will has landed consistent jobs for Disney, working in the magical kingdom many times.

I was lucky enough to get Will to sit down and have a conversation about a range of topics including:

  • How he got into film making
  • Film school and his biggest lessons from it
  • Graduating and trying to find a job
  • Staying busy while freelancing
  • Becoming a wedding photographer
  • Working for Disney
  • and so much more!

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Will Carnahan’s website: www.williamcarnahan.com

Will’s podcast: Below the Line

Will’s wedding photography company: www.minutaphotography.com

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