Sharing Photos with Zenfolio for Wedding Photographers

Zenfolio – a great photo sharing platform for wedding photographers

Staying organized is an important part of any business. With wedding photography (or any type of photography work), Zenfolio is a great option. Zenfolio is a great way to store, backup, share, and sell your photos. You can even build a complete portfolio website through Zenfolio.

In our wedding photography course, we talk more about how to showcase your work with a website and portfolio. We also give you other options for doing so. Today, we want to show you the backbones of the Zenfolio platform, and how Will uses it to share wedding photos with his clients. Watch the video above for the full demonstration.

On Friday, the course launches at $29 for the first 100 students. The deal lasts one week, and after that the course will be $197. Check out the link below to find out more info and enroll on Friday.

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