How to Use Live Text Templates in After Effects & Premeire Pro

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use Live Text Templates – a feature in After Effects and Premiere Pro!

Live Text Templates Tutorial

Using live text templates can save a lot of time when creating animated text graphics in After Effects. Once you create the graphic in After Effects once, you can import it into Premiere Pro, and edit the text right within Premiere.

This means that you can create lower third templates, text box graphics, calls to actions, even logo graphics in After Effects – then use and edit them as many times as you want in Premiere Pro.

The video above walks you through the steps. But it’s pretty easy.

How to Use Live Text Templates from After Effects to Premiere Pro

  1. Design your graphic in After Effects
  2. Select the composition in the project panel
  3. Go to File – Export – Composition As Text Template
  4. Import that file into Premiere Pro (it will have a .aecap extension)
  5. Place the graphic onto any sequence like you would any other media
  6. To edit the text, go to the Effects Controls panel
  7. Click on the ‘Master * ……’ text at the very top of the panel
  8. Now you’ll see any text layers from your AE composition, and can edit them there

That’s pretty much it!

NOTE: You might have to make adjustments to the original After Effects project. As of now, we can’t change the size, font, color, etc. of the text within Premiere Pro. Still, this should be great for many types of text-based graphics.




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