Video Creator Spotlight – Joe Wilka. Film Distributor and Independent Film Director

Video Creator Spotlight – Joe Wilka. Film Distributor and Independent Film Director

Welcome to the Video Creator Spotlight of the month!

This series of interviews highlights video creators and their work. I’ve personally learned most of what I know how to do by talking to other people and learning from them. The Video Creator Spotlight is my way of sharing other people’s stories with you in hopes that they inspire you to make better videos.  If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the Video Creator Spotlight, please send me an email at

Now on to the interview!

Who is Joe Wilka?

I currently work as the Senior Marketing Manager for independent film distributor Gravitas Ventures while also developing low-budget feature film projects

joe wilka on the set of invaders

How did you get interested in video creation?

I’ve been interested in all forms of filmmaking for as long as I can remember. I grew up wanting to make movies and spent my time in high school forcing all of my friends to participate. I became very passionate in directing which led me to enroll in the Loyola Marymount School of Film & Television.

What is your favorite part about video making?

My favorite part of videomaking (or filmmaking as I tend veer towards movies), is directing. It always has been. It’s where you have the most direct control of how a movie is made and what kind of story you are trying to tell. All directors are control freaks on some level, so that probably plays into it a bit for me. But I feel that narrative storytelling is important because it’s a reflection and a record of us as a culture and society. Movies capture moments in time and can make any idea eternal. And that’s important for cultures as they evolve.

Do you have a video that I can share on the blog?

Here’s the last short film I wrote and directed titled “Oblivion”. It was shot in 2011.

What has it been like navigating the professional video world?

I ended up working for Gravitas because I wanted to know more about the distribution world. It’s something they don’t teach you in film school. Knowing how to get a movie out there and find an audience can be an invaluable skill when trying to get something made in the first place.

Give our readers one tip for making better videos.

Thanks to technology, movies can be made relatively cheap by anyone. The difference-maker is how talented are the creators. How good is the script? How good is the direction? The performances? These things don’t cost money really, so make sure those areas stand out because there’s so much media to sift through these days (the double-edge of technology). Other than that, just always be shooting and work as hard as you can. Those are all things you can control.

How can people find you and your work?

Readers can connect with me at where I give updates on any projects that I’m working or follow me on twitter @joewilka.

Let’s all give Joe a big round of applause. Thank you for taking the time to tell your story to the Video School Online audience. We appreciate your tips and wish you best of luck in your video making career.

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