Video Creator Spotlight – Will Carnahan – Disney Cinematographer, Company Owner, Chocolate Fanboy

Video Creator Spotlight – Will Carnahan – Disney Cinematographer, Company Owner, Chocolate Fanboy

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This series of interviews highlights video creators and their work. I’ve personally learned most of what I know how to do by talking to other people and learning from them. The Video Creator Spotlight is my way of sharing other people’s stories with you in hopes that they inspire you to make better videos.  If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the Video Creator Spotlight, please send me an email at

Now on to the interview!

Who is Will Carnahan?

I’m a lover of story, art, and visuals that is making my passions and interests my dream career.

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How did you get interested in video creation?

I fell in love with photography first. Story telling and general human interest I think is innate in all of us, so as I came up in high school and undergrad, video and moving making seemed like the place to be. Videos to me are really the colaboration of ALL art forms and I love that about video. Once I learned the tools to do the types of videos I wanted to do there was no turning back.

What is your favorite part about video making?

My favorite part about video making is experiencing the reaction of the audience. I love working really hard on something and then seeing who it’s able to reach the most and who is impacted by it the most.

Video is very important to story telling in todays world with all our devices and short attention spans. I think its very natural for us to look at flickering light with a group of people while a story is told visually, I have always thought it must have stemmed from the past when humans used to sit in dark caves and watch a flickering light on a wall as someone banged a drum and told a story.

Cinematography was the first big thing that interested me mostly because I love the control over the image. I love to paint with compositions and use light to create a mood or feeling in real space, something about that is just magical to me. I like when people can see something beautiful that I helped create, I think that asthetic that we all have as humans is what really connects all of us together.

In more recent times I have enjoyed producing videos for corporations and small companies. Its a great feeling to be able to take something that you know how to do, have fun doing it, and make a living at it while helping others make a living at what they do. It’s total collaboration in an art form that really helps everyone involved.

Do you have a video that I can share on the blog?


What has it been like navigating the professional video world?

Its been a fun but tough road in the video profession. It’s an advantage to not only be able to do a lot of different things with video but also have a solid network of people you like to be around and work with. ALL of my videos that have been successful are that way because of the people that I work with. I pick people that I know do good work and are fun/ easy to work with… and I am able to do that because as you learn more then one discipline you are able to pick out who is good at what. As far as making a living at it…. it is never going to happen over night. I have seen both freelancers and full time video guys at companies be very successful at doing video for a living, but they put a lot of time, money, and effort into doing so. If you’re not hustling, someone else will be.

Give our readers one tip for making better videos.

Watch everything you can. Watch and try to take things that others have done and put your own spin on it, I think thats the best way to find your style and your voice. Once you are able to get a style and voice moving in the right direction you can push your self to keep moving and keep trying new things.

How can people find you and your work?

You can check out my cinematography at My production company Will Call Cinematic is at 


Let’s all give Will a big round of applause. Thank you for taking the time to tell your story to the Video School Online audience. We appreciate your tips and wish you best of luck in your video making career.

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