Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro – The Complete Guide

Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro – The Complete Guide

Interested in video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro? Video School Online recently posted a new course that will teach you everything you need to know to start editing like a professional video editor with Adobe Premiere Pro. I grew up editing on Final Cut Pro. After 8+ years I decided to give Adobe Premiere Pro a chance. This was partly due to the release of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Not knowing if Apple would take video editing seriously or how robust FCP X would be, I jumped ship to Adobe. Since then I haven’t turned back.

The ease of working with Premiere Pro combined with Photoshop and After Effects makes Adobe Premiere Pro a user-friendly and wonderful video editing experience.

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After learning the ins and outs of Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided a new course was in order. I created the successful course for Final Cut Pro users. A lot of people came to me asking if I could do a course for the Adobe fans. So here it is! My easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorials are perfect for learning. Just follow along and learn!

What will you learn?videoeditinginadobepremierepro

  • Adobe Premiere Pro program layout
  • Starting a project
  • Pro organization techniques
  • The rough cut
  • Audio editing
  • Titles and Effects
  • Exporting
  • and much more!