This series of blog posts gives you quick and easy tips to improve your editing. Some of the techniques may seem obvious. Others will be new to you. Either way, they will improve you editing efficiency! Enjoy!


Today’s Tip:

When editing documentary or promotional videos, there is a fairly standard structure that you’ll most likely be working with. You’ll have an interview or speaker track. This will be someone talking on camera, either straight to camera or off-camera, documentary style. Then you’ll have b-roll footage to work with related to whatever the video is about.

The first rule in using b-roll is to use clips related to what the speaker is talking about. This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen so many videos where the b-roll doesn’t match what the speaker is talking about. I think to myself – what is going on here! I understand that you may not always have perfect b-roll that matches what they’re talking about. Just try your hardest to match.

The second rule is to always cut away to more than one b-roll shot. I don’t know if it is psychological or what, but videos are more favorable when you edit 3+ clips of b-roll together before cutting back to the interviewee. Try never to cut to one b-roll shot and straight back to the interviewee. It just feels awkward.

  • Rule 1 – match your b-roll to what the speaker is talking about
  • Rule 2 – cut away to multiple b-roll clips, not just 1

I hope you enjoyed this quick little tip. Let me know if you have any tips in the comments below!

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