Video Editing Tip: How to change audio levels in Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing Tip: How to change audio levels in Adobe Premiere Pro

There are a few ways to change the audio levels in Adobe Premiere Pro. I use all of them because they all change audio levels differently. Here are 3 ways to change the audio levels in Premiere Pro:


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  • METHOD 1: Expand the audio track by twirling the triangular arrow to the left of the track name (i.e. Audio 1, Audio 2, etc). A yellow line appears in the clip. It should be set at 0 db, which is the standard starting point. Click and drag up or down with the selection tool to increase or decrease the volume of this individual clip.

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  • METHOD 2: Right click an audio clip or set of audio clips and select ‘audio gain.’ A dialogue box will pop up where you can input the amount of gain (including negative gain) to increase or decrease audio. this is a great way to quickly adjust audio levels for multiple clips.

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  • METHOD 3: Use the audio mixer. Go to Window – Audio Mixer – and select the sequence you want to adjust. Now you can adjust the audio levels for entire tracks. This is very beneficial if you are organized and have separated audio, such as music on one track, interview one track, and sound effects on another track, etc.

There you have it! Three ways are better than one! I’ve only recently started using each way in more creative situations. I used to always use  method 1. But now I try to organize myself and put music on one track, and separate interview audios on individual tracks.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Also – let me know if you have other ways of changing audio!

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