Where has the art gone? A look into the current state of videos.

Where has the art gone? A look into the current state of videos.

Video is an art form that has uniquely transformed from art to a means of transferring information. Look at Video School Online. Our whole purpose is to give you information to make better videos. Usually this comes in the form of informative videos. Of course there are still the the movies we see in theaters and the artful documentaries we watch online. But if one were to count up all the billions upon billions of seconds of video produced each day, a vast majority of it is not art. We may claim our iPhone-captured clip of a monkey riding a pig art. Is it? Is entertainment always art? I don’t believe so. And that is why I am writing today. I feel like we have lost the art in our videos.

I have lost the art in my videos. 99% off the past 100 videos I’ve made aren’t artistic. Rather, they are informative. I teach classes. I make tutorials. I create commercials. I put together marketing videos. I try to put soul into these videos. I try to make them humanistic and not just zeros and ones. But it is something that I want to try harder at.

I urge you to do the same.

Think of some other forms of art. Painting. Music. Poetry. All of these things are typically created for their artistic values. We don’t write poetry to sell something. We don’t paint paintings to provide a lesson. Sometimes we write music to sell an In-N-Out burger. Most times we make music to be artists. Video, on the other hand, has gone from being art – short grainy black and white movies – to being a mass-produced and popular form of information. Photography has had a similar history. Many photos are now taken just to capture information. Product photography. Photo Journalism. Advertisements. All have the purpose of giving information. The photographers who get it right are the ones who try to be artists, even if they are just shooting an event for the local paper.

So my challenge to you is to do the same with video. Be artists. Be creative. Don’t just make videos to sell something. And if that is the end goal, at least do it in a creative way. Look at Grumo.tv. This is a wonderful site that makes artistic promo videos for companies. Check out Nowness.com, a modern news site that uses documentary video to share stories – not just a face and a teleprompter.

Ways to make art with your videos:

  • Try something different. Whether it is just changing up a color scheme or adding text to your videos, this can add something fresh to your videos.
  • Watch A Trip to the Moon and see how creative they were over a hundred years ago! Get inspired.
  • Go outside and shoot video of your surroundings. Do it creatively! Get weird angles close to the ground or high above in a tree. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

I promise to try and be more creative, be more thoughtful, be more of an artist.

Join me.



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